Sunday, September 25, 2011

Queso with sausage

What goes better with a football watching party than some queso and chips? Not much in my opinion. This sausage queso is a 'Pioneer Woman' Recipe and it is a stepped up version of the normal 'Rotel' dip that many people make (Velveeta and Rotel). This is so good I am not sure I will ever make the 'normal' queso again. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman and my friend Beth for introducing me to this delicious recipe. Enjoy!

1 LB of Velveeta cheese-cubed
1 package 16 oz of pork sausage (you can use turkey if you want) such as Jimmy Dean
1 medium onion diced small
1 can Rotel (any level of spice you like)
1 can of diced green chilies
1-2 fresh jalapenos diced small and seeded if you are scared of the heat or leave it out

Its best to do this in a non stick skillet or big Dutch oven then keep it warm on the stove or transfer it to a crock pot for a party. I also took the suggestion of Pioneer woman and once it was slightly cool, put it in freezer zipper bags for freezing and eating later.

Brown the sausage and the chopped onion and cook thoroughly 
Then add in the cubed velveeta, rotel and green chiles with juice

stir and melt over medium ish heat stirring occasionally
Almost done...
Once it's pretty well melted add the diced jalepeno and stir...

Then taste!
Happy Football snacking!
Husband Rating: 4 Stars

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