Sunday, August 15, 2010

For the love of a hamburger!

 At our house in the summer, and actually year-round because we are in Texas, the grill is a go-to for any type of cooking. You name it, and we have tried to grill it.

One of our favorites is definitely the hamburger. Can anyone deny that a big juicy homemade hamburger is a staple of summertime? Even with 15th day in a row over 100 degrees I still feel like sweating it out over the grill for a hamburger. A hamburger to me is a blank canvas with a multitude of possibilities, almost as an actual blank canvas would be to an artist.

Choose the meat (portobello's are just as delicious), toppings, bread style, and condiments that you like and you have a delicious burger.

I was sent a link to a top 10 list on how to make a better burger and I cannot let keep it to myself. At the 'A hamburger today' tab of the 'serious eats' website, they have everything one would ever need to know about where to get a burger, different types of burgers, and even a 'Burger Lab' on how to build your own better burger.

A summary of their top 10 steps to a better burger from

1. Grind Your Own Beef
2. Keep Everything Really Cold
3. Weigh and Size Your Patties
4. Use a Thermometer
5. Season Liberally
6. Do Not Salt Beef Until Patties Are Formed
7. Flip Your Burger as Often as You'd Like
8. Don't Futz With Your Meat
9. Choose Your Bun Wisely
10. Don't Let Anyone Tell You What to Put on It

Check it out and may your next burger be juicier, tastier, and better than the last!
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