Monday, July 5, 2010

Find your kitchen style

Recently, I took a tip from a friend and her blog post about finding your design style through a quiz online (Cardigan Junkie).  I looked and found a quiz that will help you find your kitchen style. Take this quiz on and let me know your results. Do you like what it came up with?

I took the quiz a few times and got the same answer each time. I am very pleased with the results. Maybe one of these days I will get one close to this.

My Results:

Country Kitchen - From
Natural is the name of the game when it comes to your kitchen.
Your home’s country charm can extend beyond a farmhouse design. From rustic Northwest mountain homes to New England cottages, the country style manifests itself in natural wood furnishings and handmade items. Look toward plank doors or simple paneled doors done in natural and rough-hewn woods like pine, alder or maple.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! I took the quiz and it says I'm "Transitional" and that I should "Lean back and relax in a space that welcomes the modern but trades stainless steel for the natural."

    That sounds about right as I've started to rebel against the expected when it comes to color and mixing old and new things in my home. I don't want my house to look like Ashley Furniture and Target took over and left no trace of me. One of the projects this year will be making our kitchen have more personality and less 2002 track lighting :)